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Get a 1-Year International Driver’s License for Just $59 

Planning to drive in another country soon? An international driver’s license allows you to legally operate vehicles abroad, but documents are typically only valid for 1-3 years. For convenient long-term coverage, a 1-year international driving permit for just $59 is a great option.
What is a 1-Year International Driving License?
A 1-year international driving license, also known as an international driving permit (IDP) or international driver’s permit, is an official document that translates your domestic license into 10 languages and is valid for driving in foreign countries for 12 months. 
Having an international license along with your standard license proves you have valid driving privileges abroad. The 1-year document provides the same benefits as shorter 3 or 6-month international licenses but offers extended coverage for your overseas travels.
Benefits of a 1-Year International Driver’s License 
Here are some of the main advantages of obtaining a 1-year international driving permit:
– Drive Legally for 1 Year – Get legal driving authorization in over 150 countries for a full 12 months. Shorter licenses require renewing more frequently.
– One Document for Multiple Trips – The longer validity covers you for more overseas vacations and business trips rather than constantly reapplying.
– Avoid Violating Laws – Having an expired international permit could violate local driving laws. A 1-year license prevents accidental lapses in coverage.
– Safer Longer Travel – For extended worldwide travel, a 1-year document helps ensure you always have proper documentation to show authorities.
– Cost Savings – At around $59, a 1-year license can be more economical than paying for multiple short-term permits throughout the year.
– Convenience – It’s easier to monitor one expiration date vs. several renewals. No need to revisit licensing bureaus as frequently.
– Peace of Mind – With legal driving privileges for an entire year, you can relax and focus on enjoying new destinations without license worries.
How to Obtain your 1-Year International Driving Permit
Getting your hands on a 1-year international driver’s license only takes a few simple steps:
– Contact Issuing Agency – Visit a designated license agency in your country. Examples include the AAA, CAA, and AATA.  
– Provide Required Documents – Submit your valid driver’s license, passport photo, and occasionally extra documents like a passport copy.
– Complete Application – Fill out the international permit application form thoroughly with all of your personal, license, and contact details.
– Pay $59 Fee – The 1-year IDP costs around $59 to process and issue depending on the agency. Acceptable payment methods may include cash, credit/debit card, or money order. 
– Receive 1-Year IDP – Your international driving license booklet translated in 10 languages will arrive within 1-2 weeks by mail securely. 
– Renew Annually – Just revisit the agency to repeat the process when your document is nearing expiration. Renewing helps avoid any lapses in coverage.
Where is a 1-Year International License Valid?
A 1-year international driving permit is recognized in the vast majority of countries around the globe, including:
– All of Europe – Such as Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, etc.
– Most of Asia – Including China, Thailand, India, Japan, Turkey, UAE, etc.  
– Africa – Like Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, etc.
– Oceania – Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, etc.
– The Americas – USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, etc. 
Check with your permit agency for a complete list of participating countries. Most popular tourist destinations accept the 1-year international driver’s license.
Tips for Safer Driving Overseas with a 1-Year Permit
An international license allows you to legally drive abroad, but safety should also be a top priority with these tips:
– Review Local Laws – Get familiar with the road rules and laws at your destination before traveling. Pick up an area guidebook.
– Keep Documents Handy – Always keep your international permit, passport, and insurance card within easy reach in the vehicle. 
– Follow Posted Signs – Adhere to all speed limits, traffic patterns, seat belt requirements, and other posted signs.
– Adjust Driving Habits – Drive more cautiously and defensively in unfamiliar environments and road conditions.  
– Avoid Drinking and Driving – Many countries have strict drunk driving laws with severe penalties. Refrain from driving under the influence.
– Arrange Insurance – Confirm your policy includes rental cars and overseas coverage. Purchase extra protection if needed.
Get on the open roads in foreign lands with the peace of mind of having a legitimate 1-year international driver’s license. Just $59 delivers a full year of legal and worry-free driving abroad.