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In-depth Info on how you can apply for International Driving License and the requirements:

Nowadays, most people go abroad for a source of income. And there they drive the vehicle or join a driving company like Uber. But to drive in Europe or Asia or Africa, an international driving license is important. Because without it you cannot drive.

If you get it in your own country, then you did not give the test to get it. So this document is necessary when you are going for a source of income or traveling. When you think about it then some questions come into your mind. Like where can I get it? How can I Apply For International Driving License? And what document is important for it?

In this article, we will discuss it thoroughly. And it will help you in the future when you make a plan to go abroad.

Steps to apply for an International driving license:

1. The document you need: You must have a complete set of your documents while Applying for IDL

2. Get token: When you get the token number then you must wait for your turn.

3. Fill out the application form: When your turn came then you fill out your application form.

4. Submit the documents: After that attached the documents with the form and submit it with the application fee.

5. Received e-receipt: Then you get an e-receipt, on it, there is the date of the issue mentioned.

6.Get a license: You can get a license on which date is mentioned on your e-receipt.

Methods to Apply For International Driving License:

We all know every country has to follow its own rules. So only a citizen can Apply for International Driver’s License. For instance, if you are Canadian then you can apply in Canada only. So if your driving license expired during traveling then you can go to your embassy. Where you can apply to extend the date of your IDL.
Here are two methods by which you can apply for IDL:

Online method:

Every country has its online app on which you can apply for IDL. You just need to download the app on mobile or open it in a laptop web browser. On there, you select the application form and fill it out. After filling out the form, you need to upload all basic documents and click on the submission button. then your token is generated. You mail it with the fee for the IDL application. And after six months you can get IDL through courier.

Offline method:

There are three-step used to apply offline.

Fill out the forms:

You can get a form or download it from the website. Then fill it along with the documents which are mentioned below.

Submit the required documents:

You must have attached certain documents with your application form:

1. A letter which has the reason for getting IDL.
2. Photograph
3. National ID card photocopy
4. Medical certificate
5. Permanent or domestic driver’s license
6. A Xerox copy of your passport
7. Visa copy
8. Certificate of citizenship
9. Address proof

Submit the fee of application:

When you complete the first and second steps. Then you post these completed documents along with the submission fee. The question is rise where did you get the address of the post? It Is given on the application form.

Are the Requirements for an international driving license the same in other Countries?

An international driving license is not available in all countries. It is mandatory for drivers from many countries, but not needed in some others. In addition to the requirements of the country where you are applying for the license, you will need a valid IDP and an IDL test report with a satisfactory result.

The requirements for obtaining an International Driving License (IDL) vary from country to country, but the process is generally the same. To apply, you will need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid license from your home country.

Once you have this information, you can search for the nearest embassy or consulate of your destination country. Generally speaking, it’s best to apply for IDLs about 2-6 weeks before your trip. If you are planning on driving to more than one European Union (EU) country, then it’s worth getting IDLs from all the countries that you plan on visiting.

Is it worth getting IDL?

A driver can get an international driving license if they want to drive in more than one country. It is recommended to get it before traveling abroad because it is cheaper to do so. The requirement is similar to getting a national driving license, apart from the medical part which might be different in some countries.

It is a document that certifies the holder’s right to drive a vehicle abroad. It is valid for one year and costs $26, lasts five years, and costs $79, or lasts 10 years and costs $119. To apply for IDL, you will need the following: a valid driver’s license from your home country, proof of residence in your home country (a bank statement), a passport, an international driving permit from your home country, or an IDP that has been endorsed by the licensing authority.

You may not be able to get IDL for your trip to Europe if you do not have a driver’s license from an EU country.
It is usually required for international travels and if you don’t have one, you will need a temporary license from the country where you want to drive. It is not always issued based on a person’s citizenship but more on their national insurance number and residency in a specific country.

Can I apply for IDL For My Europe Trip?

If you are traveling to some other country, to be able to drive, you will most likely need an international driving license. The requirements are not the same everywhere. For instance, if you go to Ireland you only need a basic driver’s certificate and if you go to Malta then you need both a basic driver’s certificate and also a driving license on top of it.

You can apply for an international driving license even before your trip which we would recommend as it takes time. You should also know that IDL is worth it if your plans include any other continent than Europe.

Final words:

Driving is not easy, you must put all your concentration on it. Because little mistakes can make your life and other’s life too. You must not drive when you drink alcohol. It causes an accident that leads you toward death.

On the other hand, if you read this article in depth then it will help you to get an international driving license. That guide you about the rules of the road and your safety measure.