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The complete guide to obtaining the International Driver’s Permit:

When you plan to go abroad then you researched different places that you want to visit. But to fulfill your dreams you must have a method to drive a vehicle legally. Because you did not feel freedom with a tourist bus or driver. So you must know different ways or prepared your complete plan to enjoy your trip. Sadly, you cannot drive with your country or international driving license. You must need International Driver’s Permit to explore new places and collect unforgettable memories.

What is IDP?

IDP is a booklet that contains complete international driver’s license and others information about you. This booklet has been translated into a different language which is valid for your driving. Because it has complete information about you along with a passport size photo. More, you can easily identify yourself, if you do not know how to speak the language of that country. But you must carry IDL and IDP along with you. Because without International driver’s license, an ID permit is not valid.

Is it necessary for me?

Yes, IDP license is necessary for a person who wants to explore Europe by himself. Either you want to drive or not. Getting one IDP is best because it can use many purposes for you. First, it can be used as your identity card. Because International Driver’s Permit is accepted as an international id card. Translating into many languages is used as your language barrier when communicating with native people or authorities. More, if you want to visit that area, there are no available transport services. Then the last option for you is car rent. And every company allowed you to get a car if you have IDP and IDL with you.

Why you must have it?

If you are just normal visitors who visit the country just for fun and picture. Then you don’t need to have it. But if you feel suffocated with more people and don’t want to ride public transport or you are quite rich. Then you must have it with you. Without it, you cannot rent a vehicle in Europe. On the contrary, it works as your identity card too. So you need to take it with you while traveling across the world.

How many countries required it?

There are 197 countries in the world and these countries have their own rules and laws. It must be followed by citizens and the people who visit the country. So EU countries did not require IDP license, you can travel there with your IDL easily. But Europe countries require it. Without it, you cannot get a vehicle or drive. On the other hand, some countries just need a translation of your International Driver’s License. But it is best if you have one IDP license with you for ease of yourself.

What is the application process for International Driver’s Permit?

To get an IDP you must follow the guidelines and then apply for it. For this, your age must be older than 18. There are two ways used for the process of application.

 By yourself:

You can apply for IDP by yourself. To this, you fill out the complete application form. And attached two pictures which are 2 by 2 sizes. Also, have your driving license with you. Because without it, you cannot get a permit. Lastly, submit the fee of your permit and you get a token. You can get a permit after six months of the issuance date.

Through mail:

You can apply it through the mail and you don’t need to go personally to the submission office. Just fill out the application form and attached two passport size photos that have your sign-in back. Also attached are both side photocopies of your driving license. Then sent it with the fee for the permit.

Tips for  Application:

When you are applying for IDP then you must keep these tips in your mind. Because these tips help you to get your IDP.

1. IDL and IDP are two different terms. Due to a lack of awareness among people they can easily make a fool of a                    scammer. Here are a lot of websites that provide IDP but not all of them are authorized. So always used the authorized        website.

2. When you are going to apply for IDP then always collect the time in mind. Because you get it after 5 to 6 months. So             prepare your plan according to this period.

3.  Always take IDL and IDP with you. Both are necessary for your traveling. Without IDL, IDP is a piece of paper that                 makes it fake.
4.  We all know every country has its own rule. So you must learn all the local and road rules of that country. That keeps           you safe from accidents.

Is not a driving license enough for you?

When you are a traveler and want to travel across the world. So you need to translate your international driver’s license into many languages for your identity proof. It is quite hectic to collect all copies and carry them with you.

Is not it better you get one permit for all this and you can visit the places as many as you want. Because it has all your important information. As mentioned before it is used as an international identity card in many countries for foreigners. So it is clear that just IDL is not enough for you while traveling.

How many years International Driver’s Permit is valid?

There are three types of International Driver’s Permit. The first is 1968 which has three years of validity. Second, 1949 has a one-year validity period. As for 1926, its validity period is 6 months. When you want to get one then make sure that where you want to go. And there which IDP is best. Because if your IDP expires in that country then you need to come back immediately to your country or need to connect with your embassy.

Final words:

Getting an International Driver’s Permit is easy and cheapest. You must have it with you every time whether you go abroad or just you planning to go. Because it has all your identification which is required to countries in different formats. Because its works as universal identification for a person who wants to visit abroad. And makes his visit memorable.