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An Ultimate Guide to Know about an International Driver’s License:

Everyone has different kinds of habits which they love to do in spare time or their vocation. For instance, some love to draw paint, read books, sketch, travel, etc. Similarly, driving is also a habit for those who enjoy it. If you also love driving and want to drive in your leisure time, then International Driver’s License is necessary for you. But if your homeland is India or Pakistan then it is easy for you to drive without a driving license. But in other countries, you need a driving license. You cannot enjoy your driving without it.

Different types of Driver’s License: You must know:

When you learn about a driver’s license then you must know about its types. And why these all types are important. So here are the most common four types of driver’s licenses.

Learner Driver’s License:

A person who wants to drive a motor vehicle. He must carry his learner’s driving license with him home while traveling in his home country. This driving license is a lot when a person is in his trial period of learning to drive. On his vehicle there attached a sticker of L-board. It means he is in his time of learning.

And getting instruction from the experienced driver. It’s issued to a person who is above 18. its validity is only six months, after every six months, it should be renewed.


When a person completes his learning procedure then he is applying for a permanent driving license. It is valid for 10, 20, or 50 years and an 18 to 50 years person can apply for it. When you get your learning driving certificate from the authorized institution, then you go for the test for a permanent driving certificate.


The commercial driving license is used to drive heavy vehicles like tractors, trucks, and passenger buses. It needs more care while driving certificate. So it is a lot only professionals and only those who are above 21 years.


As for the international driving license, we all know that those who want to drive abroad and have a permanent license. That person can apply for it. And get it within 3 to 4 weeks. The validity of this license is 12 months and those above 18 years of age can apply for it.

What is an International Driver’s license?

You can drive a vehicle in foreign if you have an Ida license document with you. Because it has your basic information. It looks like an identity card that has your name, driving certificate information, and photo. It has only an international language on it. But when you decided to visit a country then you need to translate it into a certain language.

That language helps the local authority recognize your identity. So you must apply for an International identity permit. It is a booklet which carries all information on it with the translation of different languages. So Ida’s License and IDP are two necessary documents while traveling abroad.

Is it necessary in every country or not?

Yes!!! Ida is a very important document in all countries. There are 197 total countries in the world. And all countries follow their rules. But where ever you go, you must need an Ida license.

Because without it you can drive in any country. Yeah! If you don’t have International Driver’s permit in certain countries, then you can drive. But without an Ida license, your trip is boring if you enjoy driving a lot.

Methods of applying for an International Driver’s license:

The method for applying for IDa License is always the same. Because every country needs the same document and follows two methods. No other method is required. First, you can apply your license online to get a license. Second, you can apply offline. As for online, you need to go to a website and complete the procedure to filling the form.

Then submit it and download the token number. And send it to the main office by mail along with application fees. As for offline you visit the Ida agency and fill out the form. Take the photocopy of the document and attached them with the application form. Then submit them along with the fees.

Documents which are important for it:

When you first time apply for an Ida license then you must think about what documents you need for it? Am I need all documents which include an education certificate too? It is a big no!! it needs some basic documents. These documents are sane to which state you belong. Here is a certain document that is necessary:

1. Ida license application form
2. Date of birth certificate
3. A copy of your permanent driver’s license.
4. Your medical certificate
5. 2 by 2 sized 5 photo
6. Proof of your citizenship (Domicile)
7. A copy of your passport
8. Proof of your address
9. Copies of your air ticket
10. Fee of application

How long it is valid?

It depends upon which one you are applying for and where you are visiting too. We know that IDL depends on three conventions. If you go to those countries where 1949 convention the is valid for 12 months in other words only one year. But as for convention 1968, it is valid for 1 to 3 years.

Is a license different from IDP?

Most people thought IDa license and IDP are two same things. Even they think IDa license is another name for IDP. But it is not true. Because these two are different from each other. First, an Ida license looks like a card but IDP is a booklet form. Second, Ida is in an international language.

But if you want to go abroad then you need to translate it into that country’s language. Meanwhile, IDP is translated into 15 more languages with international languages too. More, I can be used in all countries. But IDP Is available in 154 countries.

Last Thought:

International Driver’s License is necessary for those who want to move foreign country for a long time. For those people who want to move permanently abroad, they apply for it in that specific country. It is necessary to get it because it makes your life easier there.